STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Breakdown
STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Breakdown

VFX Film Workflow

STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Breakdown

Format Exchange

Mesh: .DAE > .FBX > .OBJ

Dynamic: .ABC

3D Printing: .STL


An allegorical mystery revolving around identity, freedom and violence, Straw Dog depicts the struggle of individuality in the digital era through a Taoist fantasy that is as old as time. It invites viewers to reflect on the existence in the online space as well as the death and mortality in a contemporary context.

This is an experimental short film using a combination of CGI technology and live-action. It is a collaboration between students from many different universities, with me working mainly as a VFX director.


Core Pipeline:

Shooting – Greenscreen

Concept Design – Adobe Photoshop

Compositing – Nuke / Mocha (Denoise / Keying / Tracking / Rotoscoping / Cleanup)

Modeling – Cinema 4D / Zbrush (Subdivision / Sculpture)

Material Lighting Rendering – Octane / Redshift

Post Production – Adobe After Effects

Physical Particles – Houdini

Editing – Final Cut Pro / Adobe Premiere Pro

Color Grading – DaVinci Resolve

Soundtrack – Apple Logic Pro

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