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  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script
  • STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Brief & Script


Character Biography:

Protagonists: social elite, well-educated, smooth career, in interpersonal relations are also at ease. From the public’s point of view, he is a perfect image. You can refer to a business or entertainment celebrity who, with good brains and business skills, operates his digital image or public image through self-marketing and self-image management. As if everything had him, liked to look for excitement. His private life was a bit chaotic, especially sexual, until one time his behaviour came to light. The digital identity he had tried to build had all disintegrated and shattered, and the masses began to attack and abuse him, as well as questioning everything about him.


Character Image:

1. The main character will have three images

1.1 Screen man (the digital identity of the protagonist in the real world is alive on screen, he wears a cheerful-looking, sunny social elite image, but he is ill, and pus on his neck gradually becomes a tumour as the plot grows larger.)  

1.2 Carer (the physical identity of the protagonist in the real world, who obscures his face so that no one else will find out that he looks the same as the screen person).

1.3 The main character in the digital world (the main character in the digital world, there are two images, one is and 1.1 screen person dress page, the social elite but out of the screen bondage, the second is the image of animal pornography, showing his animal desire and the corresponding image of the sex scandal events).

2. Taoist / Taoist in the view of electronic Taoism, is responsible for guiding and treating travellers who are lost in the digital world.



1. The outside of the electric temple view at night

Outside the electronic temple, the night wind was high, and the carer was running in a hurry, pushing forward a medical stretcher with a rope or chain tied to a large screen like a human. On the screen, is a helpless, eyes around nowhere to put, very frightened person, he has a tumour with pus. In the upper left corner of the screen, notifications keep appearing, like “Time Management Master?”  “I didn’t think you were such a person!  “”Go to hell!  “The scum”. The number of notifications is 100 plus

The car attendant pushed the car to the door of the electronic view, and then the door opened automatically, and he continued to push it in a hurry.

Explained: The first play is mainly about the environment, location, emotions, and the state of the main character (trapped in the screen, the screen is full of satirical messages). Emotions are very restless, gasping, hand-held shaking shots.

Lens: Hand-held lens, shaking lens mainly.

Scene and Light Section: The environment and lighting of this scene should be particularly dim, with a moonlight feel (cold tones).

Visual effects section: screen human compositing, as well as the perspective of the carer and medical stretcher in the temple view of the virtual scene to confirm.

Supplement: Art needs to look at, Taoism has no plaques and so on, out of a plaque concept map, hanging on the door. Such as “more mindfulness” and so on. Post-modelling people make up for it. “The word on the plaque” to be determined!


2. Inside the Electronic Vision Hall

When the carer entered the hall, he saw the scene in front of him and froze for a moment. In the distance of his field of vision is a huge yuan-day honour, he can even see the lower body of the giant statue from a flat angle, when he looked up, he could not see the appearance of heaven, covered by many lanterns.  At this time, on the side of the statue came a Taoist / Taoist with Buddha dust, who bowed to the Taoist, pushed the medical stretcher into the middle of the hall, and stood up 60 degrees. The Taoist went up and looked at the screen man, his fingers touching his pus, and he sensed the fission and growth of the cells (some texture). At the same time, came to the digital world.

The main purpose of the second play is to show the indoor scene, through the environment and props to reflect the Taoist version of Cyber Punk, the future of Asia, the emergence of the minor character Taoist, Taoist will touch the pus, which is a key. The mood of the scene should be, finally entered this temple, finally saved. Calm down from the urgency, hopeful, but full of mystery.

Lens: You can choose a lot of foreground mask angle to design the lens, and the way the Taoist appears, are from the masking to the object, mysterious and unknown.

Scene and Light Section: The entire interior space is dimly lit but dominated by warm tones (yellow and red).  When the Taoist came out, he could come out of the darkness and come out, and gradually the light was shining on her.

Visual effects section: When touching pus, a separate abstract effect lens is added Created by Houdini’s biological mechanism.  


3. Digital world

In this endless space, countless protagonists, standing, some smiling repeatedly, some greeting people, some holding wine glasses in the action of toasting, each image looks very positive. Suddenly, the main character in front of him fell to the ground, like a power cut or a sudden myocardial infarction. Behind him was a chaotic-looking, well-dressed, erotic-looking protagonist. The exposed protagonist is different from everyone else, he doesn’t look so sunny, he looks around, helplessly wants to walk to other people, but every time he walks up to someone else, just reaches out, he falls to the ground.

The main purpose of the play is to explain that the exposed protagonists will cause the death of the other protagonists around them, like a virus that erodes others. The atmosphere of the world is cold and absurd (a loop that embodies the repetition of each protagonist making an action).

Lens: To a stable push and pull and move lens mainly, but not hand-held, is stable.

Scene and light part: The whole scene is cold-toned, blue and blue, light and shade is grey, brighter than the temple, more even lighting. If you can, with a fog feeling, late plus, if there is fog, more can reflect the absence of boundaries of this thing, as well as the unknown).


4. Inside the Electronic Vision Hall

By this time the screen man was already in the middle of the hall, surrounded by a cluster of displays, and the Taoist was plugging wires into the screen man, which connected the screen person’s body, similar to those in the intensive care unit that detected the patient. The screener was also given an oxygen mask. Each screen has different information, such as an electrocardiogram-like image, but it says “real-time discussion volume” and a screen with a real-time screen filled with abusive statements. Dao took out a black, shiny electronic sign (similar to a chip style) and inserted it into the screen man’s brain. The moment the electron scrimmage touches the screen glass, it burns, as if it were entering the world of screen people.

Explained: The temple view has changed from a purely religious place to a place of electronic therapy with medical properties (there are many more screens in the centre).  The scene here, due to the presence of many screens, should be electronic, serious, tense.

Lens: Mainly close-ups and short motion lenses, with a screen-man-centred, radius-radius winding outside the medical screen.

Scene and light section: Since we’re mainly yellow and red in Game 2, the difference is that there are a lot of screens and circular aperture lights. So the red element in this game will weaken, mainly yellow, and blue-white light.


5. Digital world

There are a lot of people in the world who fall to the ground, where the protagonists go, and all the people around them fall. He looked at what had happened, and he wondered, but he continued to walk. He walks to a light column (information source) that transmits data, binary data composed of Taoist symbols. He broke down in tears when he saw the light column. The binary data on the light column became concrete statements in his eyes, statements of violence on the network. Then the electronic sign surfaced at the feet of the porn-wearing protagonist, and when he picked it up, he gradually began to split the image, his cheerful, well-dressed image applied to him (similar to the art of computer failure). He began to struggle, roaring, in pain, and the rest of the digital world disappeared, leaving him alone to kneel and struggle, with two images constantly switching over him.

Explained: In this virtual world, the protagonist around has been dead, he left the crowd, see the light column after. He never understood why the people around him would die until he saw the words of the light column, and he understood that it was his own cause that caused the death of others.  When he understood, the electronic sign had an effect. The conflict between the two images led to his double physical and psychological pain. The atmosphere ranges from calm to tearing.

Lens: Fixed lens-based, panoramic close-up, especially face close-up.

Scene and light parts: The light is the same as field 3 before the light column is encountered. When he meets the column of light, his whole person will be illuminated. Because the column of light is very bright. It’s not the kind of spotlight, it’s the scattered light.

Visual effects part: the electronic character will be like a patch, but not good, so there will be computer failure art style picture.

Sound part: add computer disk failure, as well as system failure will appear sound, there will be a tearing feeling, card machine feeling.


6. Inside the Electronic Vision Hall

Around those displays, the electrocardiogram began to appear crisis, next to the screen also showed “Warning!” Warning” red mark, one of the screens shows the screen of the screen appears “hypocrisy”   “don’t pretend” and other words, according to the display character caused by the counterproductive effect, accelerating the death of screen people and the number of attacks on the network. The screen man began to convulse on the screen, and the tumor on his body became very large. He looked at the carer tearfully, his five fingers on the screen, hoping to touch the carer. The carer looked at the screen man, and the carer put his hand on it.

Description: In the climax scene of the whole film, life appears a big crisis. Very anxious, scared, panicked, confused feeling.

Lens: Handheld lens. Cut the lens. The shredded, short shot slows down when the screen man finally twitches to a tearful caretaker.

Scene and light part: Mainly a large number of red flashing lights, similar to ambulance lights, flashing. It’s also a flash of light in the actor. The crude oil data is not displayed on each screen, but a large number of warning tapes and warning signs, and then Chinese the big words  “warning”  or “vital signs are in danger”.  

Visual effects part: the electronic character will be like a patch, but not good, so there will be computer failure art style picture.

Sound part: add computer disk failure, as well as system failure will appear sound, there will be a tearing feeling, card machine feeling.


7. Digital world

The protagonist has been because of the image split, causing great physical pain, he knelt on the ground, hard to pick up the electronic sign, with its sharp edge, cut his throat to commit suicide.

Explanation: For the film’s big crisis, a finale, with the virtual identity of the self-break as a period. Because he had no way of denying his nature, the image imposed on him at the same time made him miserable. So he decided to break himself.

Lens: Long lens, fixed.

Scene and light part: The light column of light on his front without shadows, white and flawless feeling. He is the only one in this world.


8. Inside the Electronic Vision Lobby

As soon as the carer put it up, the screen man put his hand down and the screen man died. There was a lot of blood coming out of the screen man’s neck. The carer was incredulous, he was angry, he ran over to grab the Taoist’s collar as if to question, but he quickly put it down. He looked at the dead screen man on the screen, and he grabbed the gossip compass from the Taoist/Dao aunt, smashed it into the screen, and smashed it.

Explained: Because the protagonist committed suicide in the digital world, he also died on screen. This should be a feeling of regret, a feeling of regret and anger.

Lens: Hand-held lens, the place of the fight also shakes

Scene and light section: The screen changes from a red warning to a “death” in white on a black background. The surrounding ambient light also has no red feeling, and then the whole in addition to the original yellow light is very dim.


9. Digital world

The erotic man, lying on the ground with blood on his neck, broke the sky at the top and a huge light was shining on the man. Porn The man was lying on the ground, he found someone holding his hand, he turned to the right, found the carer lying next to him, the carer took off his hood and smiled at him.

Explained: the physical identity of the main character, he thought that what happened is extremely absurd and meaningless, he should not deny his identity, he regrets what he did. He came to the digital world to accept his identity and no longer pretend. Hopefully, there will be a sense of sanctity throughout the scene, a sense of redemption before the saint dies.

Lens: The mainly subjective lens of the male master.

Scene and light part: The scene sky is broken and a beam of light shines from the sky.


**Houdini’s rendering is written here alone

After rendering, I insert it when I edit it

The overall direction of thought is that cells, sexual metaphors, nausea, perversions, confusing images and discomfort.

1.  Imagine, like a microscope, filled with cells, one cell with a different color than the other, and then the cell passed on to the other cells, all turned into the color of that cell.

2.  Imagine, though the metaphor is a bit disgusting, like chrysanthemum contraction, a ball of meat with a shrinking hole on it that is absorbing air and getting bigger.

3.  A clump of fluid that creeps.

4.  A peristaltic egg with a layer of mucus on its surface.

5.  Grow an animation of fibres or mucus, spread.

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