Week 1-2

1) Proposal – A Journey of Fantasy

This is an interesting journey to explore another world, in this journey, a surprising, interesting, dreamy and unknown scenery was revealed. Finally, the train shuttles between landscapes of different styles, and there is no end or beginning, like being lost in this world.

***The proposal was later dropped***

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2) Proposal – A Journey of Treatment

(It was later called STRAW DOG 刍狗)

This is actually a journey where one’s own digital social identity is on the verge of social death, and one’s physical identity begins to find a way to save one’s digital social identity.

But finally, the two identities reached reconciliation and became one. He dared to be himself and no longer pretended to be.

***The proposal was later chosen***

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Week 3-4

I finally gave up my personal project plan and joined the team project. Now we have more than 20 people in our crew and 5 people in the VFX crew. I am the VFX team leader. This short film will be a rare creation experience of the whole process and pipeline, and we decided to only make a 1-2 minute trailer and pay attention to the quality of each shot.

As the VFX Director of the project, there are different tasks to be considered and arranged. Although there are many challenges, it is also very exciting for me.

Current project progress: Completed all the preliminary work of script, storyboard, scene concept design, shooting schedule, green screen studio rental, costume, makeup, art setting props, etc.

Official shooting time: October 28 to November 1 and attaching my work progress in these two weeks:

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Week 5-6

For these two weeks I am doing first-level colour grading (converting LOG colour) and first-level transcoding (converting to Apple ProRes 422 HQ).

At the same time, the VFX team has begun to test the quality and results of green keying.

The following are some tests that will officially enter the VFX process this week.

In the end, our movie will be controlled from 1-1:30 (mins).

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Week 7-8

This week we completed 30 shots of green screen keying, and I completed 25 shots independently. Now we continue to do simple cleaning up and 3D tracking. At the same time, we start the compositing work.

On the other hand, about the work of CG. The conceptual design of the scene has been completed. This week we will start to model and build the scene. We only have one CG scene, so I think time is enough.

Conceptual design drawings and CG renderings:

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Concept Design: Chaohao XU, Freelance Concept Artist

Modelling: Yuhang HAN, MA 3D Computer Animation, LCC / Xuan LIU, MA Virtual Reality, LCC / Meng LU, MA Visual Effects, LCC

Material/Lighting/Rendering: Meng LU, MA Visual Effects, LCC

Final Week

This week will be the final week for my FMP.

All shots have been completed as planned, and are now being edited and colour graded and soundtrack. It is expected that the film will be completed on the 25th-26th.

This month is a very challenging month in my life. I face and bear all the external and work pressure by myself, such as turnaround, inspection, centralized isolation, computer damage, disk array damage, and the withdrawal of VFX members of the crew. This month, I worked 12-15 hours a day. I stayed up all night for 4 days this week, but I gained a lot of experience and improved a lot of skills. Because of the limited time, some details are not accurate enough but we really tried our best.

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Modelling: Yuhang HAN, MA 3D Computer Animation, LCC / Xuan LIU, MA Virtual Reality, LCC / Meng LU, MA Visual Effects, LCC

Compositing: Wenda HUANG, Freelance Post-production Artist / Shuang LV, MA Visual Effects, LCC / Meng LU, MA Visual Effects, LCC

Material/Lighting/Rendering: Meng LU, MA Visual Effects, LCC

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