An allegorical mystery revolving around identity, freedom and violence, Straw Dog depicts the struggle of individuality in the digital era through a Taoist fantasy that is as old as time. It invites viewers to reflect on the existence in the online space as well as the death and mortality in a contemporary context.

This is an experimental short film using a combination of CGI technology and live-action. It is a collaboration between students from many different universities, with me working mainly as a VFX director.

STRAW DOG 刍狗 – Trailer

Team Members


Director and Writer: Tianchenglong Yao


Presenter: Yuanyuan Sun

Producer: Jia Tang

Co-producer: Yuchu Zhao   Zihan Li


Assistant Director: Yuxin Zhang

Script supervisor: Haonan Hu


Director of Photography: Yue Hou

Focus Puller: Jiakun Li

Assistant Camera: Jiakun Li   Xueying Zhang


Gaffer: Naichen Xiao

Lighting Technician: Zeyu Liu   Xuan Qin


Production Designer: Bopeng Hao

Assistant Art Director: Junru Chen   Yufu Wu   Lu Zhong   Shu Teng

Poster Illustrator: Chaohao Xu

Chinese Calligraphy: Lan Tang


Costume Designer: Jundai Lin

Costume Assistant: Shuyu Xiong

Mack-up Artist: Ziyou Yang


Visual Effects Director: Meng Lu

Concept Artist: Chaohao Xu

Visual Effects Artist: Meng Lu   Ningkang Wen   Shuang Lu  

Modeling Artist: Meng Lu   Yuhang Han

Assistant Modeling Artist: Xuan Liu

Motion Graphics Artist: Dan Wu

Compositing Artist: Meng Lu   Wenda Huang


DIT: Rouqi Wang

Editor: Jiakun Li

Colourist: Yue Hou


Composer: Zixiao Gong

Sound Designer: Zixiao Gong

Mixer: Zixiao Gong



Special Thanks:

Chris Ratcliffe   Mingyu Xu   Yuxi Song   Yoyo Zhuang   Ziqing Geng   Xinyi Ren

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