Project information

This is an international bidding art project that started in December last year. The project was thrown into the confidentiality period and the program selection stage. My team is composed of PhDs in marine biological research in the UK and experts from scientific research institutions, as well as two independent teams of artists. Our team mainly wants to express the concept that seaweed in the ocean is closely related to human life and the earth’s climate. The project has a total budget of 5 million pounds and will be implemented in 2023. It is planned to carry out a long-term diversified mobile exhibition of new media in multiple locations in many countries around the world.

In the design of the effect, refer to the natural landscape photos of the algae blooming in the real ocean as the texture of the projection.

In February this year, I completed the conceptual design of the following famous coastal attractions. The design drawing was highly appraised by the project organizing committee. In the end, the design fee was 500 pounds. This stage took 1 month from the beginning of the idea to the delivery.

The workflow is: Photoshop – After Effects

Effect Design Image

Aerial Photo Texture of Algae Bloom

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