Week 1 – How might this in fluence your future research?

As for future research, I think it can be divided into two parts, one is the study during the study period, the other is the study during the work period.

If it is a study during the study period, I think it is more a process of self-reflection and attempt. I think I will take the opportunity to re-examine my knowledge structure, which is a problem of checking and filling the gaps and combing and integrating. In learning, there is ample time and opportunity to trial and error, to experience, to try, to explore. Because there is no responsibility for the project or the client, it is a free process of self-exploration. In this process, to find their own strengths, but also to find their own shortcomings, and think about the future career type and depth, as well as their own technical and artistic style and techniques.

If the research is during the work period, it should be considered in combination with the current career position and the actual project involved. At this time, the research is to debug or solve the problems in the current project and get the maximum project benefit with the minimum time cost. Because you can’t have enough time and space to satisfy your desire and ideas of free exploration, you need to think from the perspective of the project and the team, how to ensure the interests of all people, solve the problems of the project with high quality and efficiency, complete the expected project goals, and give customers a satisfactory result.

As for what industry I will choose in the future, such as film, animation, TV series, advertisement, game, new media art or pure visual art, I want to find my goal and orientation in the coming year of study and become a small but excellent VFX artist.

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