Week 1 – Where are you right now as a researcher and practitioner?

In the past 10 years, as a researcher, I have been exposed to the 3D and VFX from the architectural design industry. Because the project requires a lot of visual expression of the building and the expression of the building animation. And I gradually found that I personally preferred architectural performance to architectural design. Therefore, I began to deeply learn Rhino modelling and Grasshopper, and began to learn Cinema 4D and After Effects. At the same time, I was in a team and changed from being mainly responsible for architectural design work to being responsible for architectural performance work of docking animation company. In the engineering modelling, texture, lighting, rendering, editing and postproduction have accumulated some experience, and in recent years, are turning to the pure art in the field of 3D visual performance, said that the artist is especially simple devices and new media artist does work early to render performance, use 3D technology to implement the plan of the early form and texture. So as a practitioner, I didn’t actually go into the film or animation industry, unlike a lot of VFX designers or artists. In my opinion, the technology of VFX is diversified and multi-dimensional, which can not only serve the traditional film and television industry, but also serve the new media art industry.

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